Save The Superhero
Bizzaro's World
60 minutes 2-8 players
Rex Ruthol has gained control over the Asylum and has let the clown out of the box. As a part of their deal the clown has trapped the superhero in the asylum. So gather your superfriends and save him, before it is too late.
60 minutes 2-8 players
For too long you have been too reliant on what is on the outside. It's now time to explore the within. Your body is the greatest tool you'll ever get and it's the only tool you'll need in here. So, if you are ready to trust your senses, Let the Escape Games Begin!!
60 minutes 2-8 players
Legendary Escape Artist Harbiz Zarot "Bizzaro" has kept his eyes on you and would like to invite you to his mansion for your final test. Prove yourself and you may have the honor of joining his new team of elite escapists, but remember only the worthy shall pass.
60 minutes 2-8 players
Who done it?
Tim Danton has been murdered in connection with his latest invention "Gray Box". You, his trusted friend, have 60 minutes to solve the murder mystery and escape with the "Gray Box", before the police arrives.
60 minutes 2 teams (2-4 players each)
What side are you on...??
A team of explorers set out to hunt the crown of Osiris, but The Magi (descendants of the royal guards of the Pharaoh) stand in their way. PICK A SIDE and race not just against time but against each other.
60 minutes 2-8 players
You cannot escape death... or can you??
Some have premonitions, some see signs, some find a way to cheat death, maybe once or twice. But in the end no one escapes death and today might be your day to die.